Requesting an EHC Needs Assessment

When to request an EHC Needs Assessment (EHCNA)

Most children and young people with SEN or disabilities will have their needs met within local mainstream early years settings, schools, or colleges.

Where you have taken relevant and purposeful action to identify, assess and meet the SEN of the child or young person and the child or young person has not made expected progress, you may want to  consider requesting an Education, Health and Care needs assessment.

When submitting an EHC needs assessment you will need to be able to provide evidence of:

Before requesting an EHC needs you must make sure that you have discussed this with the child's parent/carer in full and can provide evidence of how the parents/carers have been involved in the graduated response

How to request an EHC needs assessment

  1. Complete the setting request form
  2. Complete the relevant threshold questionnaire(s)
  3. Gather the child or young person's views
  4. Gather the parent/carer views wherever possible 

Submit your completed forms by secure email to 

Tips for completing the request form:

What will happen after you submit your request

  1. The request will be allocated to a SEND (EHCP) Officer
  2. The officer will contact the parent by phone/email to discuss the request and to gather their hopes and expectations of the process. The officer will be available for contact with the parent throughout the process
  3. We will contact health providers, social care and early help, educational psychology service and STePS, to find out about their involvement with the child or young person and to request relevant reports from the past 18 months
  4. Within 6 weeks the case will be scheduled to be heard by the weekly EHC Assessment panel. A decision will be made at the panel as to whether a full assessment of need is required or whether the child's needs can be met at SEN support.

For more help and advice please speak to your linked SEND (EHCP) Officer