Human Resources

Welcome to Human Resources - working in partnership with Schools and Academies

The HR Team are a highly skilled group of professionals with substantial experience in Local Government and pride themselves on offering a quality service with integrity and solution focussed outcomes.

Services that we offer include

HR Shared Services (HRSS)

Both recruitment and payroll services are available and further information of this provision can be found on the HRSS Sold Services pages.




Zoe Bird, HR Shared Services Manager:

HR Policy Information


Helen Bounds, HR Lead - Policy and Strategy, Strategic HR

Strategic HR support is no longer available

Please note that we no longer provides Strategic HR Support to Schools. Schools should seek HR and employment law advice from another source.

As DCC are the employer for staff in your School, we retain a statutory obligation and will need to advise in certain situations. These are outlined in the School Protocol for employment of staff in Community Schools


My team will be happy to assist you with any queries that you have. We look forward to continuing our positive working relationships.

Liz Moore, Head of Service: