Property Services

Property EngineerOverview

Property Design and Maintenance offers a comprehensive package that will provide the necessary maintenance and professional advice to ensure compliance with current legislation and guidance.

Our role covers the following:

Only fully qualified, competent employees or contractors who have passed the Derby City Council competency requirements will be employed to carry out all servicing.

We will tell you about any repairs, identified during servicing, that you need to order.

What is included in the Schools Package?

The package includes one annual planning visit and a termly visit from your allocated surveyor to plan and prioritise your maintenance requirements.

We will carry out servicing on a rolling programme throughout the year as agreed with you.

Your surveyor/engineer  will ensure that work is correctly specified and procurement rules are adhered to on all work undertaken, and that the work complies with Derby City Council’s strict codes of practice.

You will also be given access to the Property Services Portal via a simple registration procedure. Access to this portal will provide you with overviews of your planned and reactive maintenance. For more about the Property Services Portal and how to register visit our Property Services Portal webpage.

Why Choose Derby City Council?

By choosing us we can offer you:

Statutory Inspections and Servicing

Statutory inspections, service and monitoring includes the following areas: