Every school in England has a statutory duty to complete the school census each term.

Autumn census Thursday 3 October 2019
Spring census Thursday 16 January 2020
Summer census Thursday 21 May 2020

For the spring census, the selected time on which to base your classes as taught will be based on the last digit of your school’s establishment number.

Establishment number ends inSelected time
0, 1 or 5 One hour after the start of afternoon school
2, 3 or 6 One hour after the start of morning school
4, 7, 8 or 9 One hour before the end of morning school

Please ensure that pupil movements in to and out of your school are finalised by the census date and that all pupils have their correct, permanent UPN (Unique Pupil Number) allocated.

If you are unable to find a pupil's UPN, please contact us and we will search our database for you – please do not issue new permanent UPNs without checking first.

Please note, failure to use the correct UPN could result in loss of funding to schools.

The deadline for all maintained schools to upload their approved return to COLLECT, is  Monday 20 January 2020. Free schools and academies will have a later deadline set by the Department for Education (DfE), however an early return would be appreciated wherever possible.

Please check the census changes document for any new data items, or changes to existing ones.

You can view the latest approved notepad entries to be recorded against any queries generated in COLLECT. 

If you have any census enquiries, please contact Jan Nahal on 01332 642712 or email jan.nahal@derby.gov.uk.