Published: 16 November 2023

Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

There is a company operating as The Big Classroom who are currently contacting Schools in the West Midlands about a free trial of their services.  According to their website: "The BIG classroom is an online community of thousands of schools across the UK who are dedicated to promoting tolerance and challenging stereotypes by giving a snapshot of their day to day lives at work, rest and play."

At the end of the free trial there is an automatic 12-month subscription period.  

Contacts at other local authorities have found this is catching Schools out, with many inadvertently signing up to membership.  

When registering for a free trail, the person signing up is made an admin and they can nominate other users in their school.  But as soon as ANY member of staff accesses the website, that triggers ‘membership’.  

Schools therefore need to be making sure that they have read the Terms & Conditions and are being very careful when accepting freebies (from this, or any other company). 

 For reference, The Big Classroom's Terms & Conditions can be found here: 

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