Primary School Performance Analysis Packs 2023

Published: 13 July 2023

Notebook and a Pen on a Laptop

Notebook and a Pen on a Laptop

Schools will soon be able to access their 2023 School Analysis Packs via the Perspective Lite website. This will help with preparing for upcoming Ofsted visits and senior leadership team meetings. We will email you when the packs are ready to view.

This service is offered to those schools and academies who have bought into our ‘Information Management and Data Analysis’ sold service for 2023/24.

Your school will receive a PDF document of the main measures and outcomes (known as the ‘School Analysis Pack 2023’) accessible via the Perspective Lite website by navigating to the Local Authority Documents area. This will be useful to those schools who do not want to use the interactive reporting facility, mentioned below. The PDF School Analysis Packs will be available to sold service schools during w/b 17 July 2023.

In addition to the PDF School Analysis Pack, there is the ability to run these reports interactively. There are over 30 detailed primary stage interactive reports in Perspective Lite that allow filtration and aggregation of a broad range of pupil groups for Early Years Foundation Stage, Phonics, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. This reporting provides more detailed National pupil group data than is available from Analyse School Performance and the Inspection Data Summary Report and is therefore a powerful tool available to schools.

Perspective Lite provides NCER National figures months in advance of other data sources by combining individual school and Local Authority data submissions in real time as data is imported. As all 152 Local Authorities are members of NCER, this has ensured that NCER National headline figures have replicated the DfE data publications that follow. You do not need to wait until w/b 17 July for the interactive reports. They are available within Perspective Lite now.

Please treat the national figures as the NCER national not the official DfE national. This will be published during the Autumn Term 2023.

Please see the ‘Perspective Lite – Sold Service guidance’ guide for accessing the interactive reports, PDF documents and Real Time Trends. This guidance can be found in the ‘Guidance’ folder.

If you have not yet bought the ‘Information Management and Data Analysis’ sold service package, and would like access to these reports, please view our sold service page on how to sign up.

For more information contact Debbie Peters


Telephone Number: 01332 642710

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