Key Stage 1 Moderation in the Future

Published: 13 July 2023

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Fountain Pen on a Notebook

As you will know, the DfE have announced that KS1 tests will be optional from 2024, and there will be no requirement to submit KS1 pupil outcomes to them.

We are working with partners to establish how we can make sure moderation is still available to support colleagues with teacher assessment in 2024. This may need to take a different form to previous years, but we will be planning in more detail during the coming weeks and share information as soon as possible.

As ever, many thanks to all who have been involved in moderation at the end of Key Stage 1 this year and over the many years previously. Your support has been invaluable to our work supporting children and young people.

For more information contact Vincent Hampton


Telephone Number: 07552 860224

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