Graduated Response

‌The Graduated Response File (GR)

The October 2018 Derby City Graduated Response Guidance has been developed by Derby City Council to help SENCOs to include and support children with special educational needs and disabilities and to help you to implement the Derby City SEND Support Provision Framework 2017/18. 

The file will be evidence the school/ early years setting has followed a graduated response to meeting a child’s SEND needs. When children transition from one setting to the next a consistent approach to storing/ holding information will help to make the sharing of information between settings easier.

The structure of the file and supporting documents highlight the importance of the assess, plan, do and review cycle. The Code of Practice reminds us that early action to address identified needs is critical to future progress and improved outcomes and schools must work in partnership with parents to establish the support the child needs. The GR File also provides a framework for the involvement of parents and supports a focus on person centred planning and reviews.

You can either set up the folders yourself (see the DIY folder version), use the zip file E folder version or use the Printable version to create a paper file.

In June 2019 Inclusion Services produced a Graduated Response Leaflet for Parents and Carers. This leaflet tells parents about the support that parents, children and young people can expect to receive.