Support for Headteachers

Published: 3 December 2021

Online Communication

Online Communication

HeadsUp4HTs has come to our attention as a potential source of support for heads at this incredibly challenging time. Whilst we do not offer any quality assurance, we would encourage all heads to carefully consider how you are getting support as we know the pressures on headship at the moment are truly extraordinary. This is one organisation who offer support, much of which is for free:

  • The opportunity to share our authentic stories in a safe space, anonymously or otherwise, so that we and the system can learn from them
  • A supportive network of like-minded, values-led leaders who can share their successes and vulnerabilities without judgement or accountability through access to weekly HeadsUp supportive coffee and drinks sessions
  • Someone to talk to at times of crisis - free coaching and advice

To find out more visit which includes brief videos outlining what they offer.

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