ORACLE advice


Business Intelligence Reports

Monitoring Reports can be generated from Oracle and exported to Excel. These reports will then need to be saved on the local drive and printed from there.

Printing from within Oracle

It is not possible to print screens directly from Oracle.

A copy of a purchase order can be produced by submitting a concurrent request DCC Emailed Purchase Order (Copy) from within an AP Responsibility, entering the PO number you require on the parameters screen then click onto the Options Button and change the number of copies from 0 to 1 and then submit the request.

If you require a screen print of any Oracle screen then you will need to copy that screen onto a Word Document.

Reporting Issues Relating to Oracle and Citrix

All Oracle or Citrix related issues should be reported to the IT Service Desk: email or telephone 01332 640530. Please advise the helpdesk agent that you are calling from a school so that they can take your call without further signposting.

They will then ask you a series of questions in order to determine the nature of the problem and point the issue to the correct team for resolution.

On a weekly basis, a report will be generated from the call logging system to allow the Finance Team to ensure that the calls have been resolved satisfactorily and escalate any issues that require resolution. The Finance Team will continue to assist schools with training and specific queries on how to use the system as they always have.

Typical issues

Some schools are reporting issues with accessing ORACLE via Citrix.

There are two main problems that schools have been encountering:

We have resolutions for both of these issues, which you can find in Problems getting access to Oracle and Vision through Citrix - guidance.

Citrix Password Requirements

Your password needs to have a minimum of 8 characters. It also needs to be made up of at least three of the following four categories:

When creating your password, you should create something that means something to you but which avoids using obvious names or personal information.

You should also keep your password secret and not share it with others.