Healthy Schools Programme

Happy kids pictureThe Healthy Schools Programme provides a whole school approach to the physical and emotional well-being of children. The approach involves working with a wide range of interested parties. Information in this section is available to all.

Children and young people in Healthy Schools tell us that they feel healthier, happier and safer.  Their parents tell us that they feel more involved in their child’s health and learning and often feel better themselves. Schools tell us that the Healthy Schools Programme has brought sustained improvement in behaviour, standards of work and school management.

The impact of the programme is based on a whole school approach to physical and emotional well-being focused on four core themes

The whole school approach involves working with children and young people, parents and carers, school staff and the whole school community to provide a solid foundation from which developments and improvements are embedded in a systematic way.  These processes contribute to the physical and emotional development of all members of the school community. 

The majority of schools in Derby have achieved the Healthy Schools Award. It is a voluntary programme supported by the Public Health Directorate in Derby City.  

Process of Healthy Schools

Whole School Review

This process is completed annually by a school with Healthy School Status to check that the level of health and wellbeing in a school is sustained within the school.

Healthy Schools Enhancement Model

This process takes two to three years and gives a school the opportunity to focus on a specific local and school priority in order to achieve positive behaviour changes for the students.  The school will then be recognised for their achievement and have opportunity to celebrate their success with the school community.

Stage 1 – Plan

To select a priority (e.g., oral health, obesity, sexual health, childhood accidents, smoking, sun safety, emotional health etc), and identify interventions to bring changes in the school by setting outcomes and milestones to achieve them.

Stage 2 – Do and Review

To implement the interventions and monitor the progress until the outcome has been reached.

Beacon Status 2007-2008

The Authority gained Beacon Status in 2007 for developing effective Healthy Schools Practice.