Specialisms: Educational Psychology Service

Each Educational Psychologist (EP) is expected to develop a specialism and has a small allocation of time for this work. The benefits of having a range of specialisms within an Educational Psychology Service (EPS) are:

Presently the specialisms of each EP include:

Educational Psychologist

Area(s) of Specialism

Dr Sarah Atkinson

Emotional Health and Wellbeing.

Dr Maddi Austin

Social, Emotional and Mental Health, Virtual School

James Bane

Social, Emotional and Mental Health, Secondary Schools.

Dr Jusleen Cooper-


Early Years, Emotional Literacy

Peter Edmondson

Sensory Impairment, Communication and Acquired Brain Injury.

Dr Suzie


Hearing Impairment and Acquired Brain Injury.

Dr Rachel Grace

Early Years, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Virtual School

Andrew Kawalek

Critical Incident Support, Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Virtual School.

Dr Caroline King

Emotional Health and Wellbeing and Mindfulness.

Richard Lakin

SENCO Support and School Improvement, Critical Incident Support.

Stella Lawlor

Attachment, Virtual School, Literacy.

Dr Sue Lawton

Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Assessments.

Dr Charlotte Mahon

Early Years, Emotional Literacy

Dr Judith McAlister

Literacy, Emotionally-Based School Refusal, and Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD)/Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD).

Nick Owens 

ICT for SEN, Social, Emotional and Mental Health.

Dr Lucy Whittaker

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Dr Anna Wörsching

Post 16, Person Centred Planning, Attachment.