Sold Service: Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service (EPS) is committed to the highest possible quality educational psychological work available to Derby City schools. Schools are able to buy in a package of Educational Psychology time to suit their needs. These packages are bought in by sessions as part of a Service Level Agreement via the Sold Service page. One session is equivalent to three hours of direct work in school and three hours of necessary administration time. Following requests from settings, yearly Educational Psychology sessions run on a financial year basis (April to March). All Service Level Agreements should therefore be returned to the Local Authority by the end of March at the latest.

Using your Bought in EP sessions

Bought in services to schools are negotiated and agreed through the framework provided by planning meetings with the school SENCo. It is advised that these planning meetings happen every term. At planning meetings work will be prioritised for casework support. The school SENCo will be asked to complete the EPS Referral which provides basic information and requires written parental consent. Please follow the link for information on Referral Routes.

EPs would typically support children and young people in schools/settings with severe special educational needs (SEN), disabilities, learning needs, social and emotional needs, and mental health needs.

Work completed by an Educational Psychologist

Examples of work that can be completed by an EP are as follows:

Please follow the link for a full Menu of Services: Educational Psychology Service.

Educational Psychologist Time Written into Education, Health and Care Plans

Some children with Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) have EP time written into their plans.  It will be the School SENCO's responsibility to secure the EP time for these children in their schools. The process for securing this time is as follows:

Allocation of Educational Psychologists to a setting

The EPS works closely with schools to ensure that they have a good working relationship with their school EP. Schools are able to request which EP they would like to have working with them, and where possible we try to honour these requests; however, we would ask that these requests are made before the start of the financial year so that this can be factored in to allocations. Sometimes, due to EP workloads it is not always possible for a school to have their chosen EP, but we are confident that all Derby City EPs are able to deliver high quality educational psychology work.

Please follow the link for the EPS School Allocation List .