The Sold Services Brochure 2021/22

Welcome to the Online Sold Services Brochure

Derby City Council, Sold Services - Local Services for local Schools and Academies

School childrenSee the timeline below for ordering dates. ‌

Some services require notice of intent to buy from 1 April 2021. Details on how to register your intent can be found on each page. To help the service plan ahead please contact them on the contact details shown. 

Select 'Sold Service Catalogue' to see our service offer.

‌Details on how to order each service is at the footer of each catalogue item.

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November/December 2020
Services are available on Schools Information Portal 
 Right arrow February 2021
Make provision in budget for DCC Sold Services. 
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April 2021
Maintained Schools can start ordering services through Oracle (see iProc User Notes) Academies/Free Schools confirm orders with the service 

 Right arrow April 2021
Start receiving services