Governor Support and Improvement

All Schools and Academies 

The Governor Support Team, based within Learning and Skills, aims to provide support and guidance to Clerks and School Governors to help improve standards in schools.

We have renamed the packages that we offer and NEW FOR 2019\20 – we are pleased to be able to offer packages that include The Key for School Governors. We have also added TheSchoolBus as a bolt-on. You choose the option that suits your Governing Board best. All packages have access to GovernorHub. Discounts are available for all the external organisations if buying through Derby City Council. The pricing structure is different this year as The Key for School Governors and TheSchoolBus are dependent on Pupil Numbers.

What the Service Provides: 

Each package below can be upgraded to include The Key – see the new packages Sapphire, Ruby and Diamond.

Governor Support and ImprovementClerks' HelplineBronzeSilverGold
Checking and Sealing of Instrument of Governments Tick Tick Tick Tick
Access to the LA’s Governor Support helpline who can provide immediate advice and support Tick Tick Tick Tick
NGA membership Cross Cross Tick Tick
Support and advice for dealing with complaints
Tick Tick Tick Tick
Clerks’ Fact Sheets regularly updated Tick Tick Tick Tick
NGA Chairs Handbook Cross Cross Tick Tick
Governor recruitment support and resources Tick Tick Tick Tick
Attendance at governor recruitment events as required. Cross Tick Tick Tick
GovernorHub membership
Tick Tick Tick Tick
Access to FAQs and resources on GovernorHub Tick Tick Tick Tick
Termly Chairs Briefing Sessions Cross Tick Tick Tick
Termly Training Link Governor Meetings Tick Tick Tick Tick
Regular Governor Newsletters and e-bulletins Cross Tick Tick Tick
Governing Body Model Agendas (one each term) Cross Tick Tick Tick
Access to the Governor Support subscriber pages on the Schools’ Information Portal Clerks page only  Gov Support pages  Gov Support pages  Gov Support pages
Access to the Weekly Schools Circular. Tick Tick Tick Tick
Free places available on selected courses and conferences with discounted prices on courses from the Annual Training Programme for Governors and Clerks Clerks Network Briefing only Tick Tick Tick
Governing Body Training Record Cross Tick Tick Tick
New Governor Induction Training (Two free places then subsidised including NGA Welcome to Governance handbook) Cross Tick Tick Tick
Training Certificates Tick Tick Tick Tick
Support for new clerks and new chairs available. Clerks only Tick Tick Tick

To upgrade your package see below:

Package nameWhat does the Package include?:
Sapphire Bronze Governor Support Package + The Key
Ruby Silver Governor Support Package + The Key
Diamond Gold Governor Support Package + The Key


GovernorHub Membership Benefits:

All GBs will receive access to GovernorHub in all of the DCC Governor Support & Improvement packages benefitting from a 75% discount.

As a school governor you know that expectations are high. The demands on you are greater than ever. GovernorHub was invented by school governors to make life as a school governor as simple as possible. We give you the information and tools that you need - online and instantly.

Benefits of GovernorHub:

GovernorHub for MATs: (see the Governor Support and Improvement for MATs page)
GovernorHub also has built in support for Multi-Academy Trusts, offering support for Trust Boards and Local Governing Boards. In particular it provides:

Nb: access for the LGB is included but an extra charge is incurred for the MAT Trust Board.

NGA Membership Benefits:

This year we are again offering Governing Bodies the choice of benefiting from the discount negotiated with NGA if you subscribe through the DCC Governor Support and Improvement package. The Silver package includes NGA Standard membership and the Gold package includes the NGA Gold membership. All Chairs in the Silver and Gold packages will receive a copy of the NGA Chairs Handbook.

Silver package - The NGA Standard Membership entitles all governors in your governing body to:

Gold package - The NGA Gold Membership entitles the whole governing body to:

NGA for MATs (see the Governor Support and Improvement for MATs page)

The Key for School Governors Membership Benefits:

We are pleased to be able to include The Key for School Governors in our Governor Support and Improvement offer for the first time in 2019/20. GBs will benefit from DCC 20% discount.

Being a school governor is quite the task. Knowledge gaps and limited time mean it’s sometimes hard to feel confident making decisions and holding leaders to account. The flow of changes in education create a justified anxiety that something might be missed.

Bolt-on – TheSchoolBus:

We are pleased to be able to offer TheSchoolBus as a bolt-on to our Governor Support and Improvement offer for the first time in 2019/20. GBs will benefit from a DCC 10% discount.

With TheSchoolBus, you gain access to over 3,000 actionable articles, 1,000 practical templates and 300 compliant model policies applicable to all aspects of school leadership. Plus, if you can't find what you need, we'll make it for you!

Every solution is thoroughly quality assured and made in-house using the latest DfE and Ofsted guidance – we never provide un-vetted third-party examples.

To see why thousands of schools and academies rely on TheSchoolBus to remain compliant, stay informed and drive educational standards, take a free trial. Get started at:

Membership includes an account for all staff members and governors.

Bolt-on – NGA Learning Link e-learning:

NGA Learning Link is an e-learning service via NGA which focuses on supporting Governors, Chairs, Clerks, and Trustees to develop their governance skills and knowledge.

The National Governance Association has teamed up with Virtual College, one of the UK’s top e-learning providers, to deliver accessible, engaging and convenient e-learning. With 24/7 multi-device access to 50 modules, learning can be completed anytime, anywhere and at any place that suits the learner.


Governor Support and Improvement Price Schools with less than 100 pupils              
Clerk Helpline £455 £387              
Bronze (no NGA) £608 £517              
Silver (NGA Standard) £695 £591              
Gold (NGA Gold) £843 £717              
Number of pupils   upto 100 101 - 200 201 - 400 401 - 600 601 - 900 901 - 1500 1501 - 2000 2000+
Sapphire (Bronze + The Key)    £924 £964 £1012 £1052 £1096 £1144 £1204 £1236
Ruby (Silver + The Key)   £1011 £1051 £1099 £1139 £1183 £1231 £1291 £1323
Diamond (Gold + The Key)    £1159 £1199 £1247 £1287 £1331 £1379 £1439 £1471

Cost for bolt-ons:

Governor Support and Improvement  Price Number of Pupils
Up to 100 101-200 201-400 401-600 601-900 901-1500 1501-2000 2000+
Learning Link e-learning £77                
The SchoolBus See price bands £315 £360 £405 £450 £495 £675 £765 £900

Oracle Supplier Name: GOV - QSP - GOVERNOR SUPPORT


Jayne Hadfield
Governor Support Manager
Tel: 01332 640364