SEND Handbook

‌This page has all the sections of the latest SEND handbook.

As sections are updated you will need to replace them in your own SEND handbook. You may also want to read Derby City Expectations of Education Providers.

SEND Handbook Sections

Outcome and Target Setting

The Local Offer

Education, Health and Care (EHC) Plans

SEND Support and EHC Needs Assessment Criteria

EHC Plan Guidance and Forms

Submit all completed forms with supporting evidence to If you are unable to forward all of the paperwork electronically then send it by post to:

SEN Team, The Council House, 1st Floor, Corporation Street, Derby DE1 2FS

Matrixes of Need

Please note the matrixes of need are currently being reviewed.

Toileting and Continence Policy

Behaviour Provision and Support

SEN Transport

Dual Placement


SEND School Information Report /Provision Mapping 

The Code of Practice requires schools to publish a SEN&D school information report. Paragraph 6.79 details what this report must include.

Derby City Council has produced a SEN&D school information report template for use by schools.

This template should be used as a tool to support in writing your report, it requires you to input your own staffing structure, systems and SEN&D information.
Text in blue indicates school input required.

The report, when completed, should be published on your school website.
SEND School Information Report

In addition the Code requires you to:
• give details of the school’s contribution to the Local Offer and must include information on where the local authority’s Local Offer is published.
• make data on the levels and types of need within the school available to the local authority.

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Additional Support

Currently additional funding through 'Top Up' is not available to request. Please do not use old forms to apply for this as it is not available at this time.

How we can support you is being reviewed.

Pupils who have an EHC Plan or Statement can still receive this funding and in some cases it may be awarded whilst an assessment for the above is underway.

Running Reviews and Guidance

Please note the documents in this section are under review

New Documents 


Transfer Review meeting take the place of the annual review meeting for children who are having their Statement of Special Educational Need converted to an Education, Health and Care plan.
where you are doing this please:

Remember that the EHCP is a legal document. You can not alter comments from the Statement that describe the child’s needs or a professional advice. Where you think alterations are needed indicate using the guidance Key in the guidance paper work using, Bold, italic and normal font as indicated. If you are adding recent information begin with ‘school report that…’

Please use the following documents to support you in planning for a conversion meeting: