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RM Intelligence is a reporting and analysis tool that uses data taken from your Integris MIS to create a series of meaningful charts to help the senior leadership team with their decision making.

RM Intelligence creates a series of meaningful charts to help you and your senior leadership team with your decision making by quickly presenting comprehensive information. This knowledge allows you to effectively monitor student performance across several key areas including attendance, behaviour, key stage assessment, lesson attendance and exams. With this easily digestible presentation of complex data, you know exactly where to focus your efforts for maximum results.

It also has the ability to display data across different periods of time, helping you to identify long-term trends and look for correlations and underlying causes.

RM Intelligence comes with an extensive library of pre-defined charts and allows you to customise existing charts and create new ones, tailoring the software to your individual needs to view the precise data you need to answer your unique questions.

We also understand that school improvement doesn't just happen between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm. You need secure access to key data whenever and wherever you are, whether that's a late session with the Governors, or catching up over the weekend. RM Intelligence is accessible via PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or any web-enabled device with a browser.

And if you thought that sounded good, there's so much more to RM Intelligence. Amongst the many features you can:

Educational Benefits

The Integris management information system contains a wealth of information which can be used to generate reports across different modules. RM Intelligence helps school leaders take a step back and look at the data from a new perspective. Each chart within RM Intelligence offers a top level view of the information over a period of time, but it also has the ability to drill down on each chart to look at the underlying data.

As a decision maker in your school, you rely on accurate and up to date information. RM Intelligence uses data which is taken directly from Integris and is automatically updated several times a day so you know the information you're looking at is correct. RM Intelligence also improves data quality and recording in Integris, as inaccurate data or missing fields will be shown on charts and could skew results, allowing you to spot where your data may need cleaning up. With the ability to interrogate any chart and drill down to the individual student level, it gives you the ability to pinpoint any areas that need attention.

With RM Intelligence you can create charts against different periods of time, such as per week, per term, year to date. This can help you identify trends and, potentially, the underlying causes of low attendance or poor behaviour. Just think what you could do with this much meaningful, easily accessible information in your school.

RM Intelligence is divided into several different categories to make it easier to get to grips with a lot of data, and each includes a set of standard charts. The main categories in RM Intelligence are:

Student Details - This category has detailed information on a number of key areas often required by Ofsted for reporting purposes, including the number of students entitled to free school meals, number of gifted and talented students and those with care orders. Student Details is split into two sub-categories with several charts showing the number of students broken down by different parameters such as SEN Stage, Year Group and Ethnicity.

Student Details

Behaviour - This category shows all behaviour actions and incidents in the school against a number of different parameters, for both positive and negative behaviour. The senior leadership team can monitor behaviour over time and look for recurring patterns, as well as identify the causes. With charts focusing on different periods of time you can look at current, medium and long-term behaviour charts on the same screen.


Attendance - This category has been broken down into 4 different sub-categories focusing on attendance during different periods of time. The charts measure attendance against a range of different parameters including class, ethnicity and attendance code.‌


Key Stage Assessment - This category provides your school with the ability to monitor key stage results over time and look for patterns of improving or failing standards against subjects and key stages.

key Stage

Lesson Attendance - This category contains charts showing lesson attendance against a range of parameters enabling secondary schools to highlight the subjects and students with the lowest attendance.

Lesson Attendance

Exams - This category has a number of charts showing exam results for students against a variety of parameters. There are also a large number of charts available in the library for this category.

Staff - This includes information on staff numbers and type, as well as staff absence data, which is taken from the cover module of Integris.


My School Charts - This category and all sub categories is unique to your school and it includes several empty sub-categories where you can create and display your own charts.

System Requirements

RM Intelligence is a web-based application and is accessible via a number of Internet browsers including Mozilla® Firefox®, Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Opera™, and Google Chrome™. This "anytime, anywhere" access removes the need for you to perform data backups or service updates, and also means the data is securely stored in our centrally hosted data-centre.

When using RM Intelligence, the rendering of Internet pages along with some of the data processing activity will be performed by your system.

Therefore, we have specified a recommended hardware requirement for use with the application. In order to experience RM Intelligence at its best, we would recommend the following system requirements:

Processor 1.7 GHz or higher
RAM 1.5 GB or higher
Operating System (PC) Windows® XP, Vista® or Windows 7
Operating System (Apple®) OS X Snow Leopard®