Free Wellbeing Event for ECTs, Legacy NQTs and RQTs

Published: 1 October 2021

Virtual Training

Virtual Session

4th November 4 - 5.30pm on Teams

We are delighted to offer a free wellbeing event for all ECTs/NQTs facilitated by Andrew Black from Art of Brilliance.

Hello, you are embarking on your wonderful career and will be talking about Pedagogy, Learning, Teaching strategies, Safeguarding, SEND, Behaviour management, how to deal with feedback, parents, SLT, Ofsted….STOP! What was it McFly said? It’s all about YOU!!!
At the Art of Brilliance we want to help you put things and thoughts into place that will assist you to become a Well Being.

In the session we will give you GO TO behaviours that will keep you thriving as a human being and not a human DOING!

Come and join the Wellness Revolution.

To book a place please email

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