Spring Census 2022 – Thursday 20 January

Published: 7 January 2022



Guidance notes for creating the census in RM Integris will be made available on the Information Management SIP page as soon as possible, along with links to full DfE guidance, COLLECT guidance and approved notepad entries.

To summarise, the main collection items are

  • Pupil basic data – including latest SEN stage and FSM eligibility

Wherever possible, please avoid temporary UPNs and make sure pupils have their correct permanent UPN assigned to them, particularly new arrivals to your school who will have a permanent UPN issued by their previous school.

Failure to use the correct UPN could result in loss of funding to schools.

  • Attendance data (Autumn term 2021)
  • Exclusions data (Summer and Autumn term 2021)
  • Admission Appeals
  • Take up of Universal Free School Meals (Infant pupils only)
  • Early Years Pupil Premium (Nursery pupils only)
  • Free school meals taken on census day
  • Hours at setting/Funded hours/Extended hours (Nursery pupils only)
  • Top-up funding indicator
  • Post looked-after indicator
  • School Childcare
  • Classes as taught (not Special schools PRUs or nurseries)

As the majority of census data is already held within school systems, we are asking for electronic returns to reach the Authority by Tuesday 25 January 2022 at the latest. Academies and Free Schools will have their own deadline from the DfE, but an early return would still be appreciated.

For any census queries, please contact me using the details below.

Email: debbie.peters@derby.gov.uk

Tel Number: 01332 642710

Sending the Census to the Local Authority

Schools should use the DfE website called COLLECT (Collections On Line for Learning, Education, Children and Teachers), for the submission of the Spring Census – this is now accessed through the DfE sign-in website, link below:

DfE Sign-in (education.gov.uk)

Census - Schools' Information Portal (derby.gov.uk)

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