Asset Valuation School “Inspections”

Published: 2 December 2021

Passing Documents

Passing Documents

For us as a Local Authority to undertake the capital asset valuations for all land and property, which is critical for the accurate preparation of the Council’s accounts each year; we normally need to inspect a selection of all our assets each year under the rolling programme. This forms part of the accounts that are required to be prepared and fully audited by external auditors every year.

Part of this process involves schools; hence I want to forewarn all secretaries and managers within schools accordingly.

It is envisaged the schools involved will not need to be contacted by the District Valuer Services (branch of the Valuation Office Agency) about forthcoming “inspections”, although if any contact is made, they will have supporting documentation (letter of authority from Kate Cholerton – Principal Asset Valuer DCC) together with their own identity card.

However, should it be apparent that the survey content has altered since the last inspection, there may need to be a brief visit to the school, to establish up to date facts – when an email will be sent to the school secretary.

To assist in ensuring everything is captured (our internal systems are far from complete!) I would really appreciate if any school has undertaken significant changes within the last couple of years it would greatly assist all parties if a summary of such could be supplied to Kate contact details below – these changes could range from replacement windows/ boiler or a new classroom or block (possibly demolition of old accommodation). It is changes to the fabric and structure rather than internal fixtures or fittings.

Kate (or colleagues) will be aiming to contact direct by email as many schools as possible, to assist in this task in the coming weeks.
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