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Important Information for Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Members

Recent changes to pensions mean that you have more flexibility and choice when it comes to saving for retirement. Make sure you understand what options you have as a member of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), whether you want to retire early or make sure you have enough to provide for you and your family in the future.

The Prudential work with the LGPS and following previous feedback they will be hosting further seminars designed to help you think about your personal situation.  The seminars last around an hour and are factual, providing you with useful information but not advice.  The seminars are for everyone who would like to know more about their pensions, not just those who are approaching retirement. 

They will help you to gain:

The details of the Seminars are shown below

Date Thursday 9th  June Monday 27th June
Time 4.00 4.15

Hardwick Primary School

Dover Street


DE23 6QP

Ivy House School

Moorway Lane Littleover


DE23 2FS

Book Now as places are limited

You must book your place online at, it’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

You will need to use your unique Employer ID - CAH3 to book your place.

(Please note, when you enter your Employer ID online, your employer will show as Derby CC / Derby City Council)

You need to be attend the seminar in your own time so please speak to your manager if you wish to attend.

If you do require any reasonable adjustments, including a sign language interpreter please email as soon as possible to enable us to facilitate your requirements.

Important Changes Affecting Your Pay

The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and Teachers Pension Scheme (TPS)

The new State Pension and the ending of ‘contracting out’

The Government is introducing a new ‘single-tier’ State Pension for people who reach State Pension age on or after 6 April 2016. This will replace the existing basic and additional State Pension.

What does this mean for members of LGPS or TPS?

If you are a member of either scheme, you are currently ‘contracted-out’ of the additional State Pension. This means that whilst you are a member you are not building up much, if any, additional State Pension; instead you are building up pension benefits in the LGPS or TPS.

You also currently receive a rebate of 1.4 % on the National Insurance contributions you pay on any earnings between £5,824 and £40,040 per year. This means that at present you pay a lower amount of National Insurance.

From 6 April 2016 the new single tier State Pension replaces the basic and additional State Pension for those who reach State Pension age after 5 April 2016 and the ‘contracted-out’ status for all members (not just those reaching State Pension age after 5 April 2016) will no longer exist.

Therefore from 6th April 2016 you will no longer receive this rebate and you will pay a higher amount of National Insurance Contributions. The increased deductions will start from your April 2016 salary payment.

Please see below some examples* showing the increase in payments.

SalaryCurrent National Insurance PaymentNational Insurance Payment Due After 6th April 2016Increase
£ 9000 per year
£750 per month
£ 5.66 per month £ 9.36 per month £ 3.70 per month
£ 12000 per year
£ 1000 per month
£ 32.16 per month £ 39.36 per month £ 7.20 per month
£ 18000 per year
£ 1500 per month
£ 85.16 per month £ 99.36 per month £ 14.20 per month
£ 24000 per year
£ 2000 per month
£ 138.16 per month £ 159.36 per month £ 21.20 per month
£ 36000 per year
£ 3000 per month
£ 244.16 per month £ 279.36 per month £ 35.20 per month

*Examples assume individual is over 21 years and are based on current Ni thresholds (2015/16)